November Specials Offer Spectacular Savings on Self Care

Practice gratitude this month and create a few moments for yourself with these amazing special offers.

Fall can be a busy season, filled with long checklists of errands in preparation for the even-busier end-of-year holiday season. We have a few special offers designed with YOU in mind this month. Check out these opportunities below then give us a call to reserve your “me” time with one of our skin care experts.

Laser Hair Removal Can Save Both Time and Money

Shaving, waxing, and threading are never-ending tasks and can cost you crazy amounts of money and time over the years. You’ll be forever grateful for giving yourself the gift of laser hair removal this year. With our November special, you’ll not only enjoy SMOOTH hair-free skin, but you can save yourself some serious cash, not to mention, valuable time.

Speaking of time, or rather timing, the fall and winter seasons may not be the time of year that many people naturally think of laser hair removal, because we’re not baring as much skin, but actually that’s exactly the time of year that San Marcos-based Vitalogy Skincare Licensed Aesthetician, Adriana Gully recommends for this service. Laser treatments can increase one’s sensitivity to damaging sun rays so it’s best to avoid a lot of sun exposure after treatments.  “Here in Texas we never really know what the weather will be like,” notes Adriana, “but comparatively, in the fall and winter seasons, we are not out in the sun as much as we are in the long stretch of warmer months, so these rare cooler months are an ideal time to have laser hair removal treatments scheduled, especially on sun-exposed areas like the face or legs.”

You’ll be under the care of trusted skin care experts, like Adriana, supervised by Board-Certified Dermatologists, in our sparkling clean, professional, warm, and friendly medical spa. Our noninvasive and innovative light-based technology uses pulses of light energy to gently penetrate the skin to specifically target and eliminate unwanted hair follicles. Because of natural hair-growth patterns, a series of multiple treatments, scheduled four to six weeks apart, is optimal for best results. After the initial round of treatments, some patients may benefit from maintenance treatments once or twice per year.

Throughout the month of November, when you purchase 4 laser hair removal treatments, you’ll receive 2 more for free. Prices vary by treatment area and start as low as $75 per treatment. Popular treatment areas include upper lip, chin, underarms, neck, back, and legs.

Learn more and sign up to save your spot here.

Calm and Hydrate Skin With Phyto Corrective Gel

Sweaty workouts, windburn from outdoor activities, sun exposure – you name it! With everything we put it through, our skin can often take a real beating.

Replenish your skin with SkinCeuticals® Phyto Corrective Gel. Ideal for dry, normal, oily, combination, and even sensitive skin types, this soothing gel serum contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme, and other botanicals to nourish, hydrate, and calm your skin.

Just two to three drops applied to your face, neck, and chest before your sunscreen in the morning and after retinol application at night can help promote a clear, fresh-looking complexion, improving the appearance of visual redness.

Enjoy 20% off SkinCeuticals® Phyto Corrective Gel in November. Learn more here.

BroadBand Light™ Treatment Can Give Your Skin a More Youthful Appearance

Wrinkles always take the rap for making us look older, and while they do contribute, they’re not alone to blame. Pigmented lesions caused by sun damage and vascular lesions, caused by rosacea or other micro-capillary flushing conditions, can mar the appearance of previously even-toned skin. These lesions can show up anywhere on our body. While most people tend to address these concerns on their face, they can sometimes overlook two areas that often reveal tell-tale signs of aging, the hands and neck.

Sciton® BroadBand (BBL™) Treatment delivers intense pulses of light energy that gently heat the upper layers of skin. Beneath the surface, the light energy is absorbed by broken blood vessels that cause redness and brown pigmented lesions, eliminating them from the skin, restoring it’s natural, vibrant, and youthful tone.

There are two (24-Hour) opportunities in November to save over 60% on our combination BBL for Hands and Neck. Find out more here.

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