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Laini Moman, LA If there are skin care products that actually live up to their hype, it is retinol and retinoids. It seems that it has been only recently that these products have become one of the most sought items when in reality, they have been around since 1971. At that time, the FDA approved […]

Your Top CoolSculpting® Questions Answered

Edwena Sobande, LA What do you do when you have been eating healthy and working out hard to stay in shape, but there are just some areas on your body that seem to refuse to “get with the program?” When you wish there was something you could do to get rid of your love handles. […]


Dr. Amara Sayed Vacation time for most of us is something to look forward to. A little planning ahead, especially with a family, makes things go a lot smoother and stress-free. Whether you are going on a trip to the beach, skiing in the mountains, or staying at a cabin by the lake, there is […]

Do Professional Skin Care Products Differ from Over-the-Counter Products?

We have seen beauty trends come and go through the years. There was the brush your hair 100 times every night trend, freckle tattoos, or the fish pedicure where these small fish supposedly would remove the skin from your feet…wait, that was really a thing? When it comes to the products that we put on […]

The Benefits to Adding Facials to Your Skin Care Routine

Though the concept of self-care has been around since the time of ancient Greece, it has become entrenched in our culture in the past few years. Of course, skin care is one component of self-care, and by now most of us realize how good skin care benefits us throughout our life. Whether it’s moisturizing, cleansing, […]


When we think about the experiences we may have with acne breakouts, for some of us the phrase “bane of my existence” might be an effective way to describe the way we feel about it. Acne is a skin condition that can affect anybody at any age. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology will […]

Meet Dr. Jennifer Hanson

She pursued medicine as a career because she felt that’s where she could do the greatest good. As Vitalogy Skincare’s newest Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon and Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Hanson regularly performs Mohs Surgery to help her patients overcome skin cancer.

Meet Dr. Chelsey Straight

“Happiness is being able to appreciate the people and natural beauty around you.” -Dr. Chelsey Straight She’s traveled as far as Uganda, where she worked at a free clinic in a rural community, while in medical school. She enjoyed spending time with the community members and learning about a different culture and way of life, […]

November Specials Offer Spectacular Savings on Self Care

Fall can be a busy season, filled with long checklists of errands in preparation for the even-busier end-of-year holiday season. We have a few special offers designed with YOU in mind this month. Check out these opportunities below then give us a call to reserve your “me” time with one of our skin care experts.

Meet Dr. Christopher Chu

He loves solving a good mystery. In fact, in his younger days, he loved the television show House which led him to realize that he could transform his love of science, mystery, and helping people into a vocation.  With a specialization in Dermatology and Fellowship Training in Dermatopathology, Dr. Christopher Chu is in his element […]