Why Should You Get Cosmetic Treatments at a Medical Practice?

cosmetic treatments at medical practice in Austin TX

We often hear people ask: “Why should visit a medical practice like Vitalogy Skincare for cosmetic treatments and dermatology procedures like Botox®, laser hair removal, and chemical peels?”

Here are three reasons to consider visiting a medical practice for cosmetic treatments (instead of a spa):

1. There are Dermatologists Available Onsite.

Vitalogy Skincare has talented, skilled, trained, experienced Aestheticians and Providers who often provide our patients with cosmetic treatments. In addition, though, there are Board-Certified and Fellowship Trained Dermatologists are there to guide each of our eight Greater Austin area locations to exercise top-notch personal care and provide medical expertise and support.

2. A Dermatology Practice Puts Your Skin’s Health First

Our patients often mention that they feel like treatments and recommendations they get are solely focused on their appearance at medical spas. However, at Vitalogy Skincare your skin’s health is the primary concern. All recommendations stem from that focus.

Of course, we want all of our patients to look and feel their best in their skin. But we also recognize that outward skin conditions can often be a symptom of underlying health issues. That’s why our team works with you to customize solutions based on your skin, your skin care goals, and your overall health and well-being.

3. A Medical Practice Has Clinical Guidelines For Cosmetic Treatments That Spas Don’t Have to Follow

Spas don’t have the same guidelines to adhere to. This means there is usually less oversight and consistency when visiting one. Some of the most effective treatments require medical clearance as well. So, having experienced, licensed Providers in a medical dermatology setting makes a big difference in your skin care experience.

Our Skin Care Providers have incredible amounts of experience. They also have ongoing training, extensive skin care knowledge, and a deep understanding of skin reactions. Some of our Aestheticians have performed over 10,000 photofacials in their career (along with many other procedures).

Your skin is important. So when you’re spending money to care for it, you want to make sure it’s in the hands of knowledgeable Dermatological Providers. Learn more about Vitalogy Skincare’s team here.