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Celebrate the end-of-the-year holidays with Cosmetic Dermatology Specials this December 2023 that will have you celebrating into 2024 with glowing skin. December is the optimal time to consider your annual skin care goals and to set yourself up for success in 2024.

25% off All Packages

Vitalogy Skincare offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments that provide results for all types of skin concerns. Consult with one of our Providers to select packages that will deliver the results you are looking for. Here are just a few of the options we have available:

Sciton® ProFractional™ Laser TreatmentFractional resurfacing using the Sciton® ProFractional™ technology involves the creation of micro-ablated channels on a portion of the skin’s surface. This process stimulates collagen production, specifically targeting deep wrinkles, scars, pigment irregularities, and sun damage. Treating only a fraction of the skin directly with the laser facilitates rapid healing and shortens your recovery time. This natural wound-healing response of the body contributes to increased firmness and resilience in the skin. In the days following your treatment, you may observe a noticeable tightening effect as your skin recovers. However, the full benefits of fractional resurfacing become most apparent during the subsequent 4 to 6 months as collagen remodeling takes place, further enhancing the overall quality of your skin.

Vitalift Treatment: This rejuvenating treatment is our signature combination facial that includes microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, and a hydrating mask, all to improve the overall appearance of your skin. After just one treatment, you will see improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas.  

  • Microdermabrasion- removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and unclogs your pores, allowing your skin to look and feel softer. 
  • A rejuvenating enzyme under steam with extractions as needed.
  • The invigorating chemical peel gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow and balanced complexion while promoting skin cellular turnover.
  • Hydrating Mask- increases hydration and penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity.

All Fillers:
$50 off one
$150 off two
$250 off three
(All fillers purchased must be used at the same time and used within three months.)

Cosmetic Fillers at Vitalogy Skincare:

JUVÉDERM: JUVEDÉRM fillers primarily function by replenishing lost volume, smoothing out fine lines, and augmenting facial contours. These injectable fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally found in the human body that plays a role in maintaining skin moisture and volume. Because HA is a naturally occurring component, the likelihood of adverse reactions to the filler is relatively low. The hyaluronic acid within these fillers binds to water molecules, generating a plumping effect that diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles while enhancing skin hydration. JUVEDÉRM’s gel-like consistency ensures an even and seamless distribution, resulting in a natural and youthful appearance. The JUVÉDERM line of fillers offers various formulations, each catering to specific concerns. These include adding volume to cheeks and chin, working on fine lines around lips and mouth area, lip augmentation, filling fine lines and wrinkles, and working on jawline definition. There is sure to be one to help you with your skin goals:

Restylane®: this filler is primarily used to diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the nose and mouth, as well as to enhance the lips and restore lost volume in the cheeks and chin. The minimally invasive treatment temporarily improves the skin’s overall appearance, resulting in a smoother, more youthful, and rejuvenated complexion. Results typically last 6 to 18 months, depending on different factors. 

Product Special – 20% off (3 product minimum)

Whether you’re looking for a serum to improve your pigmentation, powerful moisturizers, gentle cleansers, effective sunscreens, or something to help with acne, Vitalogy Skincare has what you need from some of the best skin care brands in the market. We carry Skinbetter Science®, EltaMD® Skincare, SkinCeuticals®, and Revision Skincare®.

BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN®​- $11 per unit, minimum 30-unit purchase. Must be used in one visit within three months.

BOTOX® Cosmetic – By blocking impulses from the nerves to the tiny facial muscles related to expression, BOTOX keeps the muscles relaxed, preventing contraction. The FDA-approved BOTOX is a safe and effective treatment for moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet (around the eye area), and forehead lines in adults. Each BOTOX session consists of several tiny injections into the targeted muscle. These injections last three to six months and are a popular non-surgical treatment proven to reduce the signs of aging. As skilled skin care experts, the Providers at Vitalogy Skincare ensure a safe and effective treatment, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

XEOMIN® is an FDA-approved, clinically proven neurotoxin used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults over 18. It belongs to the class of botulinum toxin type A drugs. It is primarily utilized to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles responsible for their formation. XEOMIN works by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which prevents muscle contractions and consequently softens wrinkles in the targeted areas. Results typically become noticeable within a few days after treatment. They can last for approximately three to six months, after which re-treatment may be necessary to maintain the desired effects. It is a safe and effective option for individuals seeking a non-surgical approach to achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

**All Offers are valid December 1 – 31, 2023 Schedule your appointment here. 

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