5 Tips on Skin Care for Kids from the Experts

skin care for kids

Caring for your child’s skin can require special care. So, Vitalogy Skincare’s Dr. Sarah Gee shares her five tips for kids’ skin care so you can help protect them all year long.

1.  Be gentle to prevent dryness.

Gentle skin care is essential to avoid dry skin for kids. Use warm water, not hot. Also, stay away from fragrance-based products.

You’ll want to pat the skin and immediately apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp. This helps seal to hold the water in the skin.

2.  Keep an eye out for possible skin allergies.

Just like adults, children can develop allergies to ingredients in products. A common myth of skin allergies (also known as allergic contact dermatitis) is that they occur only with new exposures. The truth is that most product-related allergies occur over a period of time, and they eventually become sensitized. (Check out other common skin myths here.)

Many parents also think that allergies can’t occur with expensive or all-natural products. In reality, however, many products have similar sensitizing agents and preservatives to increase shelf life and prevent overgrowth of mold and bacteria, which can also cause allergies.

3.  Avoid products with propylene glycol.

One allergy that is rising in children is propylene glycol, which is found in personal care products, including many baby wipes. This allergen is sometimes even present in topical steroids. In general, be aware of the ingredients in your products when using them for you and your kids.

4.  Protect your kid’s skin from the sun.

Sun protection is very important for children. Vitalogy Skincare Dermatologists recommend Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. Zinc and Titanium based sunscreens (“physical sunscreens”) are free of chemicals and also provide the broadest protection against UVA.

You must reapply it every 2-3 hours as well. Remember the sun is strongest between 10 am and 2 pm, so staying out of it (or at least in the shade) during those hours is best.

UV protective clothing (with UPF) is also safe and effective for children. The Skin Cancer Foundation shares products on its website with its Seal of Recommendation, which acts as a symbol of safe and effective sun protection recognized by consumers worldwide.

5.  Be aware of some common skin issues with kids.

Molluscum is very common in children. It is a viral infection that results in round, firm bumps on the body.

It is often spread through direct contact. Also, children with molluscum shouldn’t share towels or clothing to keep it from spreading. It’s not dangerous, however.

It can take 2-8 weeks before appearing on the skin after contact with the virus. It eventually resolves on its own but can take as long as several months to years. Treatment consists of observation, at-home topical therapies, and in office treatments. Treatment should be weighed with the downsides — including potential pain and risk of permanent scarring or color change in the skin.

Caring for your kid’s skin is an important everyday job! Your local Austin area Dermatologists are here to help as well, so schedule an appointment to get your child a skin checkup if you have any concerns.