Skin Care Experts Share Their Daily Routines

skin care routines from experts

How do the experts keep their skin looking so great? We sat down with some of our Vitalogy Skincare Dermatologists and Aestheticians to get the inside scoop from them on their own skin care routines so you can take care of your own skin just like an expert does. Here are some skin care routine tips from our team:

Pro Tip: Never go to bed without washing your face.

Vitalogy Skincare Aesthetician Kelly Pillard shares her regular skincare routine with you:

In the morning, I cleanse my face (switching between a gentle cleanser and papaya cleanser) and use Vitamin C. I also use DEJ eye cream® and DEJ face cream®, a moisturizer, and then use Intellishade® from Revision Skincare®. It’s like a tinted sunscreen on steroids.

Since I was little, I cannot go to sleep without washing my face. At night, I cleanse my skin – using a makeup remover first, then a cleanser, and finally retinol. I also use HA Intensifier, Discoloration Defense, DEJ eye cream, DEJ face cream (or if I’m having a breakout PM Therapy), and Nectifirm® Advanced.

Two or three times each week, I also use SkinCeuticals® Micro-Exfoliating Scrub in the shower. 

Pro Tip: Do two washes at night

Laini Moman, one of Vitalogy’s own Aestheticians, details her morning and evening routines:

In the morning:

First, I use Elta MD foaming cleanser, an enzymatic cleanser that removes dirt and oil. Then I use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic® for antioxidant protection, which is great for protection from free radicals and pollutants. It’s one of the best anti-aging products as it promotes healthy cellular turnover.

SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier is also a Hyaluronic Acid serum that is great for reduction of fine lines, hydration, and helping to remind your skin to produce its own Hyaluronic Acid. We lose about a teaspoon a year, so this is a hydrating acid that helps plump the skin and offer complex hydration.

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid is also a lipid replenishing anti-aging moisturizer. Moisturizer is key for anti-aging because dull, dry skin looks aged.

Revision Intellishade SPF is a peptide rich SPF which also has antioxidants and other great anti-aging ingredients, which offers a 45 SPF – you need a minimum of 30 to get proper protection from the sun!

In the evening:

I use SkinCeuticals gentle creamy cleanser for makeup removal first. Then, I use Elta MD foaming cleanser.

Skinbetter Science® AlphaRet® Overnight Cream is a unique retinoid product that delivers Vitamin A and alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid into the skin offering exfoliation, cellular turnover, and anti-aging benefits. 

An exfoliant is also a must have in any skincare regimen. Some exfoliants such as scrubs should only be used a few times a week. Retinoids are great nightly once you have built up a tolerance. I currently use mine 2-3 times per week as I have sensitive skin.

Revision DEJ Face Cream is also a product that helps moisturize and reduce fine lines and redness.

It’s also important to know that anytime you clean your skin, you must put hydration back in. Water is not enough to actually “clean your skin” so you must remove dirt and oil in order to help the good products really do their job.

By doing two washes at night, you’ll see better results. Cleaning your face with makeup on is like taking a shower with your clothes on. You are just barely touching the surface. You have to remove the coating before you can properly clean your skin.

Pro Tip: Finish with a moisturizer at night.

Dr. Amara Sayed, one of Vitalogy’s talented Dermatologists, shares her steps as well:

Morning routine:

In the morning using a mild cleanser, such as Avène antirougeurs, is all I need since there is no makeup removal required. I like to follow by using an antioxidant product to prevent damage during the day and, of course, sunscreen is a must. 

Nighttime routine:

For makeup removal, I’m a big fan of oil based cleansers to remove the most stubborn and even waterproof makeup.  I like to follow that with a second cleanse to remove any remaining residue. Depending on whether my skin feels oily or dry, I will either use Glytone® mild cream wash or CeraVe® hydrating cleanser. 

For oily or acne prone SkinCeuticals’ LHA cleanser is also a great option.

After a thorough cleanse I always apply a retinoid product, which studies have shown have long term anti-aging benefits. If you are new to retinoids allow your skin to adjust by using just a few nights per week and increasing as tolerated. Retinoids require a prescription, but similar albeit weaker over-the-counter versions (retinol) are widely available.

The last step in my regimen is applying a favorite moisturizer. Depending on your skin type or even time of year you can opt for a heavier moisture like emollience by SkinCeuticals or lighter options such as CeraVe® or Cetaphil®.

You can visit a Vitalogy Skincare location near you to talk with a Provider about creating a customized skin care solution and regimen based on your needs and goals.