Meet Vitalogy Skincare Provider Trina Lynch

trina lynch

We’re so excited that Trina Lynch, PA-C has joined our amazing Vitalogy Skincare team. She was inspired to help others after experiencing her own medical issues — born with a heart defect and under medical supervision until she was 12 years old.

She’s a talented Certified Physician Assistant with over 19 years of experience in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Trina was drawn to study Dermatology during PA school when her younger sibling was diagnosed with an autoimmune skin disease. She also suffered from severe acne herself, so has a firsthand understanding of the psychological impact of skin conditions. That’s why Trina focuses on both the physical and mental care for all dermatological issues.

She helps patients with various dermatology needs; however, she especially enjoys treating acne and performing cosmetic procedures. Trina believes it is important to set realistic goals with each patient for cosmetic procedures so they can achieve a natural outcome and meet their skin care goals. She has a passion for educating the public on skin cancer prevention and often gives talks at schools and community events as well as helps to provide free skin cancer screenings.

Her Expert Skin Care Tips

Trina has three skin care tips she swears by:

1.Sunscreen isn’t a one-time application. It MUST be reapplied every two hours to protect your skin.

2. If in doubt, get it checked out! Any abnormalities or growths could become a bigger issue. The earlier you address it, the better the chance to deal with it before it becomes more of a concern. An annual skin exam is a great way to have your Skin Care Provider look out for anything, too.

3. NO ONE is safe from skin cancer. So, get your annual skin exam, wear sunscreen, and protect your skin every day.

More than Just Skin Care

In addition to caring for patients and helping them care for their skin, Trina loves spending time with her family and listening to classic rock music. She’s also enjoyed traveling to Italy and visiting Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. She most admires her grandmother and her most prized possessions are anything her kids make for her.

She also lives by the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

How to Get an Appointment with Trina

Trina sees patients in our Harker Heights and Georgetown locations, so she’s available to help with dermatology needs.

Did You Know? Our Harker Heights location was recently voted the Best Dermatologists in Central Texas by the readers of the Killeen Daily Herald! 

Just call 512.930.3909 and one of our patient care coordinators will help get things started. They can also help you book appointments with our other talented Providers for all of your dermatology needs.