BBL: Understanding the Different BroadBand Light Treatments

BBL treatments in Austin TX

BBL or BroadBand Light Treatment is a light therapy treatment that targets multiple conditions in different layers of the skin. One type of BBL targets non-textured brown spots – the energy from the BBL gently heats up the targeted layer that breaks up the pigment and brings it to the surface where it will slough off in a few days. This process is called “peppering” and is great for evening out skin tone. 

Small vessels are another target area for BBL. The heated vessels are “stunned” and re-absorbed by the body. Patients with rosacea really benefit from this cosmetic treatment because it reduces overall redness, calms overactive vessels, and reduces inflammation which can help calm flares. There is no cure for rosacea, so we can only treat the symptoms. This can be life changing for some and we’ve had patients see us for these treatments when nothing else has helped (but this does!).

Forever Young (FYBBL) includes brown spots, red spots, and collagen stimulation. Because of the multiple passes and the controlled heat we produce, it stimulates collagen. So you get multiple benefits. Not only does it stimulate collagen, but studies showed skin age reversal when doing forever young treatments as recommended. 

How Often Should I Get Treatments?

Our Aestheticians recommend getting BBL treatments once a month for 4-6 sessions then one treatment every 6 months for maintenance. Results are not permanent, though they are long lasting. Keeping up with maintenance treatments is the key to keeping up results. Rosacea patients may require more frequent maintenance depending on severity. The average frequency is one treatment every four months after a series.

BBL Vs. IPL: What’s the Difference?

Vitalogy Skincare Aesthetician Laini Moman explains, “Sciton BroadBand Light (BBL) is customizable and more controlled than IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This produces better results with reduced chances of adverse side effects such as burns.” She adds, “While some patients are concerned they won’t see results with BBL, it usually shows results in every patient. When you target certain levels of the skin and stimulate cells to regenerate, change happens whether you’re looking to treat fine lines, brown spots, or redness.” 

Vitalogy Skincare also offers other options for patients who are not candidates for these treatments. Our trained, experienced staff of Aestheticians and Board-Certified Dermatologists can help answer any questions and provide recommendations and support based on your skin care goals and needs.