Lauren Anderson, LA


Specialties: Cosmetic Dermatology
Location(s): Marble Falls
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Born and raised in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Lauren has always been passionate about skin, especially about the effects of ultraviolet rays. Having very fair skin and being the daughter of a red-headed mother, Lauren learned early on that sunscreen is our best friend. From a young age, she took it upon herself to educate her family and friends on the importance of skin care and how to minimize sun damage. Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but her fascination for skin care could not be quenched. She completed the aesthetics program at the New York Institute of Beauty and went on to practice as a medical aesthetician in New York for almost five years before moving back down south to Austin, Texas.  

Lauren prides herself on listening attentively to each of her patient’s skin care concerns and goals. Thus, allowing her to create a custom treatment plan for each one. Lauren’s greatest aspiration is to help guide her patients on their skin care path to become the most radiant and self-confident they can be, regardless of age, skin type, or degree of skin damage. Her personal and professional motto is “there is no skin care concern that cannot be improved upon!”  

When not at the office, Lauren enjoys spending quality time with her family, dogs, and friends, as well as dancing, roller skating, reading, and communing with nature (always wearing sunscreen of course!).