Meet Dr. Chelsey Straight

“Happiness is being able to appreciate the people and natural beauty around you.” -Dr. Chelsey Straight

She’s traveled as far as Uganda, where she worked at a free clinic in a rural community, while in medical school. She enjoyed spending time with the community members and learning about a different culture and way of life, but Dr. Chelsey Straight, Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon and Board-Certified Dermatologist, can be happy anywhere. She lives by the motto scribed by contemporary social scientist, and one of the people Dr. Straight most admires, Dr. Brené Brown, “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” 

Dr. Straight truly enjoys caring for skin cancer patients and helping them navigate a process that for most can feel daunting. “It can be anxiety-invoking for patients to think about skin cancer and treatment, notes Dr. Straight, “my hope is to provide them with a calming, compassionate presence throughout their experience.”

Calm, Compassionate Care Meets Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable 

With her undergraduate degree in Biology, from Gannon University, Dr. Straight went on to earn her Doctor of Medicine from Penn State College of Medicine. She then completed an Internship in Internal Medicine as well as her Residency in Dermatology and a Mohs Fellowship in Micrographic Surgery and Surgical Oncology, all from Penn State Medical Center, in Hershey, PA.

Dr. Straight believes in taking control of one’s health via proactive measures. She shares these helpful tips:

Dr. Straight’s Top 3 Skin Cancer Awareness Tips

Tip One: Use a daily facial moisturizer with 30 SPF or greater sunscreen on the face and neck to help reduce your risk of skin cancers.

Tip Two: Keep an eye out for the “ugly duckling” – any spot on your skin that looks different from the rest and just doesn’t blend in with other moles. If you notice one of these, get it checked by a Dermatologist as soon as possible.

Tip Three: Be smart about sun protection – use sunscreen, seek shade, wear hats, plan activities in early morning or later afternoon and the evening to avoid peak sun exposure.

Dr. Straight’s Top Cosmetic Dermatology Recommendation

Use a daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen to help reduce risks of skin cancer and prevent wrinkles. “One of my favorite products is EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46,” remarks Dr. Straight. This formula, available for purchase in our locations, provides protection from harmful UVA and UVB Rays and also includes sodium hyaluronate to moisturize your skin plus lactic acid to clear pores and reduce shine.

Dr. Straight performs Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery at our Bastrop and San Marcos locations.  If Mohs surgery has been recommended for you please contact us online to make an appointment or call us at 512.930.3909.