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Melanage Chemical Peel

Melanage Peel in Austin

A Melanage® Peel is one of the most effective treatments for superficial and medium-depth melasma for all skin tones, including darker skin types.

There is no pain, and little to no irritation during the application of the mask, and typical results includes dramatically lightened and improved skin texture and tone.

What Is a Melanage Chemical Peel?

A Melanage chemical peel is a skin brightening system used to treat uneven skin tone, deep pigment issues, and melasma. Melasma is a darkish brown pigmentation that occurs on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and the chin symmetrically on both sides of the face, and is commonly associated with pregnancy, the use of birth control pills, and/or hormone replacement therapy.

The Melanage peel helps to even out the skin tone of the affected skin areas, and removes layers of dead skin cells to help achieve an active effective penetration of melanin inhibitor ingredients.

What Are The Benefits Of A Melanage Peel?

The Melanage peel treatment effectively reduces the chances of discoloration coming back after it has been treated, and removes brown pigment from various sources, including post inflammatory changes associated with acne.

Patients generally experience significant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas, reduction of fine lines, stimulation of collagen production, and improvement of skin texture and tone.

Each melange treatment can be performed no sooner than six months apart, and no more than two treatments per year are recommended.

How Is The Melanage Peel Applied?

The Melanage peel treatment consists of two parts. In part one, a medicated mask consisting of prescription strength ingredients is applied to the patient’s desired area by someone on the medical staff. This mask is applied evenly to the skin and will stay on for a recommended period of time that will be specified by your Vitalogy Medical spa technician.

Patients will leave the office with the mask on and will be required to keep the mask on between two to ten hours following their appointment as recommended by the technician.

During part two, the patient is given an at-home chemical peel involving a regimen that must be performed religiously to ensure maximum results of treatment. Generally, patients experience peeling within one to three days after the mask has been removed.

Please be advised that not all patients experience shedding, however, this does not prevent you from receiving the maximum results the Melanage peel offers.

Are There Side Effects With a Melanage Peel?

The most common side effects of the Melanage peel are redness and peeling of the skin which typically lasts for up to one week, along with mild peeling that could last up to a month while the treatment is still active and ongoing.

Patients may also experience skin itchiness and irritation that usually only lasts for a few days.

Is a Melanage Peel Right for Me?

If you suffer from or experience severe uneven skin tone, melasma, or deep pigmentation, a melanage peel is a very safe and effective treatment for your concerned areas.

Patients suffering from, or experiencing the following conditions should consult with their physician or provider prior to a Melanage chemical peel treatment.

  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Active rosacea
  • Cold sores
  • History of warts
  • Accutane users within 6 months prior to appointment

Does a Melanage Peel Have Downtime?

Generally, patients will experience up to one week of peeling after a Melanage peel. During this time patients may feel a sensation similar to a sunburn and must be mindful of properly using sunscreen and hats when outdoors in the weeks and months following their peel treatment. (Vitalogy Skincare recommends regular use of sunscreen for everyone.)

Patients must also adhere to any instructions post-treatment in order to maintain the longevity of their peel results.

To book a consultation, determine if a Melanage chemical peel is the right treatment for your exfoliating goals, or to learn more about Melanage chemical peels and get on a customized treatment schedule, make an appointment with a Vitalogy Medical Spa Aesthetician today in the Greater Austin area.