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Breast Lift

Breast Lift is an aesthetic surgical procedure that is used to enhance the shape of a breast that has fallen secondary to age, weight loss, pregnancy or lactation . This procedure lifts the breasts and repositions the nipple appropriately.

Dr. Franco evaluates each individual and recommends which lift would be most effective and whether or not an implant would be helpful to reach an patient's aesthetic goals.

There are three different types of lifts that can be done depending on a patient’s individual needs and goals. The first type is a peri-areolar lift, which limits the incisions to around the areola only. The second lift is a vertical lift, which is used in someone who needs a more dramatic lift. This lift has incisions around the areola and down the front, but avoids and incisions along the bottom of the breast. The third type of lift is a full mastopexy (which is often referred to as an anchor or inverted T lift) as the incisions go around the areola, down the front and along the bottom of the breast. This lift is typically used for individuals who have pronounced drooping of the breasts.

The three different types of lifts can be done in combination with a saline or silicone breast implant. The combination of an implant and lift can be a very powerful surgery that will restore the youthful appealing appearance of the breast.