There are a variety of successful methods of treating most skin cancers in most people. These include scraping and burning, cutting out and sewing up, X-ray treatment, and cryosurgery (freezing). Mohs skin cancer surgery has a superior cure rate, and is often performed after a prior treatment has failed. However, it is important to emphasize that no method at any time, including the Mohs technique, can promise 100 percent cure rates.

Why Mohs Surgery is Important:
Mohs surgery cuts out the bare minimum of normal skin needed for a high cure rate (95 to 99 percent). This is important in critical and sensitive areas. Once a tumor has come back, conventional treatments (cutting out, scraping and burning, radiation) offer only a 50 percent cure rate. Though it can be a time-consuming process, Mohs surgery is worth the effort in order to get all the cancer out while retaining as much healthy tissue as possible.