Vitalogy Skincare Loves Our Coast

September 14, 2017 | Bastrop, Burnet, Cedar Park, Events, Georgetown, Harker Heights, Marble Falls, News, San Marcos, Southwest Austin

Vitalogy Skincare Loves Our Coast

Saturday, August 25, 2017, marked the day Americans all over the country watched category 4 hurricane, Harvey, crash into the Texas coast, changing the lives of many residents. From the 130 mph winds making landfall in Rockport to the historic 500-year flood in Houston, we all knew this hurricane was going to leave nothing but heartache and devastation across the entire gulf coast of our great state. As I watched the heroic rescue efforts made by people who traveled from near and far, I, like all of us, felt compelled to give back to the families and people who needed it the most.

The following week, our Vitalogy Skincare team decided to sponsor a donation drive to help those who lost everything. Without hesitation, everyone was on board. As the storm slowly faded away and the horrific pictures of destruction started to surface, we all agreed to give the donated items to one of the most severely impacted cities, Rockport. I quickly made contact with city officials and learned the items needed most. From there, Vitalogy created STUFF THE TRUCK, a campaign to collect supplies and drive them to Rockport.

The amount of support from Vitalogy staff, doctors, patients, and the community was absolutely amazing. The love and encouragement received from everyone involved was overwhelming in the most joyous way. It was refreshing to see people come together and give all they could to help families over 220 miles away. After loading a truck full of donations and confirming drop off details with Rockport officials, I took off to the coast.

As I made my way closer to Rockport, my feeling of excitement slowly faded away to sadness as I observed the devastation firsthand. The city where I often fish during the summers was almost unrecognizable. It was as if the entire town had been ransacked. Sheet metal was twisted and bent like used foil wrappings. Houses, souvenir shops, and antique stores were left without walls or roofs. Palm trees were uprooted. Telephone poles and business signs were either damaged or simply gone from where they once stood. Hurricane Harvey showed no mercy. I could not believe the amount of damage.

Although my surroundings were that of a nightmare, I was comforted by a sense of pride that Vitalogy and our community came together to help. As I dropped off all of the donations at the city police station, I was able to talk with and the shake hands of city officials and police officers. The joy in their smiles and the gratitude they displayed was priceless. It gave me a great feeling of fulfillment, and I truly hope it gives everyone that helped make this happen that same sense of fulfillment as well.

Thank you to all of our community members and patients who showed such big hearts during this time of need. Thank you to all of the Vitalogy staff for supporting this cause and giving back, and thank you to everyone for touching the lives of families who are still coping in Rockport. Rockport and other coastal communities are still in need of a lot of help for those who are still looking to give. Please check out this list of resources and opportunities that was compiled by The Texas Tribune, last updated September 6, 2017.

Stay strong, Rockport! Vitalogy loves our coast!

Michael Gonzalez
Physician Liaison, Vitalogy Skincare